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psychic readingFrom Caldero and Escoba we are offering all our experience from the field of psychic reading to give you the most sincere and approximate to the future that surrounds us. For that we use different fields, such as astrology, cartomancy through the tarot and oracles, and different types of personalized rites to achieve maximum effectiveness in our objectives.


In this blog you can find different sections, such as the horoscope that we do completely free and independent, in which you can find your horoscope diario, weekly, monthly, annual y different characteristics of your sign As well as different types of spells, tips and spells to help you get those things that sometimes seem unattainable. All this done with all our love and dedication to you, who are the ones who deserve to treat you face to face, looking for your good and well-being.


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For this reason we also offer you a small shop in which you can customize both your astral charts of different nature and length, as well as forecasts and psychic reading, not only zodiacal, as well as partner forecasting, business formalization, economic forecasting and many more, which we hope may be of your help, since we make them totally personalized and individualized.





psychic readingKnow that you also have at your disposal a service of a free psychic reading with the tarot for any questions that may arise, through email [Email protected] to which you can send a specific question of any kind of doubt, if you need to expand the information received, you can arrange individual sessions with personalized budgets to your needs.


So you are welcome to our blog, hoping that you can enjoy all the content that we offer from our psychic reading that we do with all the love, dedication and enjoyment for you, so that together we can become those wonderful beings of light that really we are


From the hearths of Caldero and Escoba, your counselor and companion, Morgana.