Protection spell for children

Protection spell for children

While we know the most precious thing you can have are the children, who with their innocence are truly vulnerable, that is why this spell will help you protect your greatest and most precious treasure.
Materials and elements to perform this spell

Incense of cinnamon, vanilla or sandalwood.
1 glass cup with water.
1 wooden cross.
1 small ribbon red ribbon.

Step by step to follow for this spell

Children are like a sponge, which is why I recommend that no adult with emotional problems or who is going through a period of negativity sleep in the room of the child you want to protect, since these are literally like sponges will absorb everything this kind of negativity towards them.
Every Friday morning he cleans his room and then burns incense. This can be cinnamon, vanilla or sandalwood.
Every night he places on the night table or near the child's bed the glass of water, which will be offered to the guardian angels, in this way the child will be protected during the night.
Place the wooden cross with the bow of red ribbon, on the child's bed in this way will be protected from evil spirits.

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