Lunar protection spell

Lunar protection spell

How difficult it is to feel safe lately thanks to the insecurity that addresses us every day, however if you want to go out at night and you are invaded by the fear that something can happen to you, you can put this spell into practice because our great moon will protect you from evil that abounds in darkness.

Materials and elements to perform this spell:

1 personal or sacred object this can be a photo or any other personal item that you usually wear with you always, it can also be a protection amulet (which you can find in any esoteric store).

Step by step to follow for this spell:

In any of the facets of the moon, go to your patio or to an outdoor place where you can do the spell, this must be done at night.
Looking towards the moon and with your personal or sacred object at hand, draw a pentagram in the sky where the moon is in the middle of the pentagram.
With a fairly clear voice and even looking at the moon he pronounces slowly and deliberately this powerful spell:

"Eternal, powerful and sacred moon,

You are the owner queen and patron of the night;

Of all evil I ask you, to protect me,

Until again the sunlight shines again. "

And in this way the moon will evoke all its energy to protect you from all evil, this spell you can perform every time you need to go out at night.

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