# Easy and simple spells

Easy spells, with elements that we all have, with simple steps and above all that are effective, is what everyone wants. Are you curious about the spells? Maybe you have tried to work magic a bit in the past and it worked well for you. Magic is actually quite easy once you know the secrets that make spells a success.

We must clarify that magic is not exclusive to pagans. Catholics perform magic in some way in the mass by lighting the candles while saying a prayer. Prayers like the Hail Mary and our Father are songs that are not so different from the songs of the old religions. There are many forms of magic that are realized every day without realizing it. Crossing the fingers, throwing coins in a well for luck and asking the stars for a wish are all forms of magic.

Warnings About Magic
-Before attempting any ritual, be it easy or complex spells, you should be aware that there are consequences when performing spells. When performing a spell, karma is being created. Be aware of the law of three, which means that everything you send, you will receive three times. Positive spells will result in good karma, while negative spells will result in very negative karma.

-Love spells are fine if you are trying to attract love to your life. Do not perform magic in order to make a person be forced to love you. This violates a person's free will. If you want to perform magic to heal a family member or friend, let the person know first. Try not to use spells to get revenge on a person, even if your cause and your reasons are just. It is something that I do not really recommend and that sooner or later will bring negative consequences for you. Leave that to fate, every bad action has its consequences and there is divine justice.

-Terminate your spells with "So be it", "Thank you because it's done", "Amen" or similar terms. Another good idea is to say "For the good of all interested parties." O "No harm to anyone" to avoid that nothing negative results from your spells.
Another important thing to remember is that magic can only change one variable. For example, you can cast spells that help eliminate an illness, but you can not cast a spell for an amputated member to grow back. You will not be able to fly, become invisible or raise the dead through the use of magic, but you can always attract love, money, happiness and eliminate negative forces.

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