The #luna and the #Magia

The moon and Magic

-Whether you perform easy spells or complicated rituals if you want to attract something to your life or increase it, make it grow, (wealth, love work), perform your spell when the moon is growing.

-To remove something from your life or diminish it (illness, negativity), perform your spell when the moon is waning.

-The new moon It is also a good time or for the spells to eliminate the negativity of your life but it also serves to initiate things, such as the well-known "abundance check"

-Your most important spells must be done during full moon. The phase of the full moon is when magic is the most powerful and may be to increase or decrease.

-This serves for a general rule for when the spell does not specify on what moon to do it. If the ritual clarifies it, you should do it as I say, even contradicting these basic rules.

We must also bear in mind that although the phases are very important at the time of performing a spell or ritual, what we can do if we need to do a job to block negative energies or an attack of envy, we are going to tell the other person , wait to attack me when the waning moon ... if you can meet this requirement much better, but if we need to do some work and does not match the phase of the moon we should strengthen our conviction to give us the desired results.

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