#clean negative energies

A simple way to eliminate negative energies:

Among the simple spells to make an energetic cleaning we can find those that burn herbs and incense and incense. It is a type of ritual of the oldest, simple and effective that we can always use to eliminate negative energies, but they can also be used for self-blessing and spiritual purification.
Phase of the moon: waning moon
Weekday: Saturday

What you will need: Two white candles and some sage leaves that you will bind together and burn, spreading their smoke for your home or place you want to clean.
You can burn all kinds of herbs, incense and incense, but sage is always the best element and that alone will suffice.

Another fundamental element in cleaning is THE SALT. It can be sea salt, table salt, thick or fine, it does not matter, but you must use it in your bathrooms, rub it against your body, place a small cup in a corner of your house or business, sweep the floors with it along with other usual elements of cleaning. Surround a photo of yourself with a circle of salt and change it every 15 days to be always protected and clean energetically.

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