#colores and #magia

#colores and #magia

The colors we use in our easy or ultra-elaborate spells are also very important, both in the candles used and in the fabrics and stones. It is a very important step that should not be overlooked and that, in summary, we can establish this list:

-Red: Passionate love, motivation and energy Suggested stone Ruby or Garnet.

-Pink: Love, friendship and peace Suggested stone pink quartz

-Blue: Healing and intuition. Suggested stone Turquoise

-Green: Money and prosperity. Suggested stone Agate and emerald.

-Yellow: Wisdom. Suggested stone Citrine

-Brown: The Earth and nature. Suggested stone Eye of the tiger.

-Purple: Strength, psychic abilities and power. Suggested stone Amethyst

-Black: Protection. Suggested stone Black Onyx

-White: It can be used for anything, but it is especially good for purity, truth and renewal Suggested stone White Quartz or Crystal

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