First Steps

First steps to make easy spells:

Before starting any spell, you must know exactly what you want. Focus and trust are important, but the faith and conviction you have when you do the spell is FUNDAMENTAL. Find a place in your house where you will perform your magic without being disturbed @. An altar will be necessary to place candles and other items. You can use a table of a shelf, a small table, a box covered with a cloth like an altar or something similar, but it is a specific place to place the materials.

The magic of sailing is perfect for beginners. It is the simplest thing you can do and has a very high effectiveness. Always anoint the candles with oil unless the ritual specifies otherwise. This is called CONSECRATE the candle so that it is suitable for the ritual. You do it with any type of oil, olive oil for example, which is an oil that almost everyone has in their kitchen, unless the ritual specifically specifies another, but if you do not have or can not acquire it, with oil of any kind it will be fine .
Once the candles are lit, you should sit a few minutes and meditate on what you want. Songs, phrases or elaborate sentences are not always necessary. A simple song like "Now I attract fortune to my life" it will be very effective. When you are finished, allow the candles to be consumed naturally completely. (In some rituals they must go off or a candle is used for several days, but if so, the spell will explain it)

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