Ritual to Increase opportunities to do Business

Ritual to Increase opportunities to do Business

This is a simple ritual, to increase the opportunities to do business, if you have not yet started the business or if you already have one in progress, you will increase sales and the number of clients

Necessary material:

1 orange or golden candle
1 plant (the one you like)
1 handful of poppy seeds
1 natural container
1 glass with water

Realization of the ritual:

On Thursday and with a crescent moon, in the third hour of darkness light an orange or golden candle, place a plant and a glass of water in front of the candle. Put some poppy seeds in a natural container. If you are looking for opportunities for an existing business, put an object representing it next to the candle (a card, letterhead or something similar)
Say loud and confident:

I invoke the power of Jupiter and the energy of manifestation. I open the space so that there are ample business opportunities with which to create abundance and prosperity.

Now plant the seeds of Poppy in the pot of the plant and water it, keep saying

I participate in the flow of infinite abundance, I declare that I feed everything I sow. With all intention in pursuit of the greater good. And I say, so be it and that's the way it is.

(He extinguishes the candle with a blow) takes care of the plant until it dies.

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