Gemini horoscope today | 30 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Gemini today

30 / 10 / 2017

Gemini today is a day to learn that all achievements are transient, at this time you have managed to reach high, enjoy the moment, yes, nothing interrupts you this sweet moment after so much work.

But you have to take into account the simple law of everything that goes up, down. So before continuing your ascension you have to focus above all on laying the foundations that have made you ascend, so that they do not collapse before any unforeseen event that life offers us.

Your encouragement
It is possible that you have to make some hard decision throughout the day in which you should start from the double slope that these types of decisions have not only in your life, but in the rest of the people around you and are involved . These decisions are known to have these two aspects, that of discovering the truth hidden behind a façade or of deeply tearing something that was taken for granted and that can harm both the decision-making party and the party that receives it. Meditate well before making any decision that may lead to these consequences.

Your encouragement:

Work and Money
Gemini today you will have a day full of work, either by the laxity that you have taken these days in the workplace and now it has been accumulating, or because you have generated enough confidence in your skills so that They'll give you more work. Anyway, this will be forged disciplinarily and rigorously, for which you will be congratulated. For those who are out of work is a good time to apply their curricular skills and be able to exercise what they have studied or to arise some type of manual activity.

Work and Money:

Gemini today you will find your head in the clouds. Already ideas in the relationship that you have pending, plus the accumulation of ideas that you have been having will make it very difficult to be clear about which path to choose, since the multitude of options that you have are feasible , and of those some are mere siren songs in which there is no room for reality, and others can lead you to the most absolute failure. Meditate calmly what you can think of as it can divert you from your true path as a couple. For those who do not have a partner is a time that tends to see everything under a pink prism and reality is not good, can be falling in love with someone who in the end will not correspond only to love the image they have of that person in the head. Feet on Earth Gemini.

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