I Ching and Tarot Gemini Weekly | 25 from September to 1 from October

I Ching and Tarot Gemini Weekly

25 from September to 1 from October

Hello my dear Gemini, welcome to this new section where we will combine the Chinese ancestral teachings of the I Ching and the predictions of the traditional Tarot. We will focus and speak in the form of four differentiated blocks in:

Personal development, where we will talk about the general situation of ourselves in the week, as a more generic issue.

Family, where we will develop our relationships with the beings that surround us, family, close friends, during the week.

Love, where we will see the options that are presented to us during this week in the field of Love, both for singles and for those who already have a partner.

Money and Work, that is where we will weigh the labor and economic options with which we will find ourselves throughout the week, both for those who are unemployed and for those who already have a job or their own business.

Surely many of you will get answers to your concerns, not only loving, but also of a sentimental nature and anything that is affecting you in your environment.

If you want, you have at our disposal our telephone line for your personal questions and a quick resolution of your doubts:

806 433 273


If what you want is to write directly to our office, I leave you this link your mail for you to get in touch, you will be surprised by the wisdom in the sentimental field.

For the rest, I leave here the video, so that you have clear your goal during the coming week.

Remember that this is a generalized circulation, so if you do not feel totally identified with your circulation, I recommend that you also consult the circulation of your ascending sign, as well as the mole if necessary. If you do not know which is your ascending, lunar and other aspects described in an astrological chart, I recommend that you write to us our mail with your date and place of birth, as well as your full name and we will make a brief introduction to your personalized birth chart.

If in any case, you have any doubt, comment or proposal to change, put them in the comments section, we will answer your questions and review your comments and change proposals to take them into account. You are the ones who make us improve every day!

Thank you, thank you very much for following us week after week in our sections that we prepare so lovingly. We hope to be a small light in your heart that encourages your hopes and doubts.

My greatest blessings to you, may the angels take care of you and guide your great path that is our life!

* (The maximum price per minute of this call is 1,21 € if you call from a landline and 1,57 € if you call from a mobile phone, taxes included).

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