Horoscope of Sagittarius today | 02 / 11 / 2017

Horoscope of Sagittarius today

02 / 11 / 2017

Sagittarius today you should accept the changes that are happening around you without further ado. There are times when you are impotent in the face of changes that happen, as they are beyond our control.

It is a moment in which you must flow with simplicity, letting these changes happen and trying to adapt how well you can about it, since, although we want to intervene, we can not do more than be mere spectators. You should not let yourself fall into the anxiety of trying to accelerate or slow down the process since nature has its own courses in which right now you do not have to intervene.

Your encouragement
You're probably being a bit protective of the things you're going through, trying to protect not only you, but those around you. You release a trust that makes other people come to you for advice. Today you will be a guiding light for those around you, as the security and the aplomb that you release make you unique right now.

Your encouragement:

Work and Money
Sagittarius today you could be somewhat authoritarian and demanding in the workplace, because it is possible that some projects require your command and right now you feel empowered to exercise it in a leftover, submitting if necessary to anyone who gets in your way. You will be determined to put your ideas and goals on the table, and you will probably find little or no opposition to the way you can present them. For those who are unemployed is a time in which they shine before any interview given the poise and security in how they raise things, it is possible that they can get a better position than aspired.

Work and Money:

Sagittarius today you will be in a particularly more loving, understanding and sexually active way, looking for pampering and pampering your partner. It is a moment in which the most paternal and maternal love is activated with your partner and you can let yourself go to another level. It is a time when, if you are planning to have children, you could stay pregnant, since there is a high level of fertility on both sides. For those who are looking for a partner, it is a good time for someone with some paternal or maternal traits to approach you and start a beautiful and fertile relationship.

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