Horoscope Weekend Sagittarius | 22 to the September 24

Horoscope weekend Sagittarius

September 22 to 24

The vacuum of the field moon in their group house on Friday morning makes it a bad time for a team meeting. Change the schedule if you can. With the Sun entering this sector later in the day and staying there for the next four weeks, you will have ample opportunity to collaborate and coordinate your efforts with a work team. This area also governs your social life, so you will be spending more time with friends and participating in group activities. Your weekend horoscope suggests that you may want to turn off your phone and rest for now. You will need your strength to stay on top of your hectic social agenda., Sagittarius

A very nice and complete weekend for the natives of this sign and is that there is no time of year that you like more than this. It is a good time for the Sagittarians to start making plans for next year and to be clear about the objectives to be achieved.

Of course, it is not a matter of being overwhelmed more than the account, because there are still a few days and have parties that should take advantage. Love and friendship will be what will best go.

Love for the weekend:
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