Aquarium 2017 is a year of great potential and personal growth

Aquarium 2017 is a year of great potential and personal growth

Personal Life in the 2017:

The 2017 is a year of great potential and personal growth. There will also be hard work and success, but your greatest progress may be done internally instead of externally.

The conjunction Sun-Pluto in Capricorn that happens at the beginning of 2017 keeps your eyes on the material prizes. The conjunction Mars-Neptune will keep alive your loves, ideals and highest hopes.

The Moon and Venus will also be in conjunction in Aquarius as the 2017 begins. This will help you to have easier and warmer personal relationships with people.

When the Sun enters Aquarius, the Moon and Jupiter will be united in your Ninth House of expansion and higher education. In the 2017, you will want to learn and understand at a more complex level.

The Lunar Eclipse of the February 10 will happen when the Sun is in Aquarius. And the Lunar Eclipse of the August 7 will happen when the Moon is in Aquarius. Certain emotional problems may surface at that time. But if you show kindness and good heart, the solutions themselves will find you.

Your planets, Saturn and Uranus, are incredibly powerful throughout the year because they will be forming a triangle at the beginning of the 2017. Both new ideas, new projects and people, wisdom and audacity will be at your fingertips.

Love in the 2017 - Couples:

Jupiter will be in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, for most of the year. Both love and a generous attitude will dominate most relationships. Abstain from extravagances and focus on satisfying your emotional needs in order to spend many splendid moments both socially and intimately at home.

Venus will be retrograde in March and April, beginning in the Fire Sign Aries and ending in the empathic Pisces. Then, confusion and misaligned priorities could be more common. Be patient, a little less selfish and wait for the emotional fog to dissipate in the month of April.

As the Sun enters the Aquarium in January, the Moon and Jupiter in the congenial Libra will oppose Uranus and the asteroid Ceres in the passionate sign of Aries. Throughout the year, communicate directly and expose your views to the world. There will be loving solutions that nurture both and can improve your home life.

Jupiter will leave Libra and the 10 will enter Scorpio in October. Under this aspect that will last approximately one year, relations will become deeper and more serious. Your domestic life can become a little less fun or frivolous, which will be for the best. In addition, sexual desire and loving affection are always strong when Scorpio is involved.

The month of December and the season of festivities will be calmer and more defined, but also more sweet, sensitive and full of love and mutual respect. Then, both the Sun and Saturn will be in the thoughtful Capricorn.

Love in the 2017 - Singles:

Romance and your social life are glamorous and bright with Jupiter in Libra for most of the year. Dating and casual encounters with attractive people should be abundant. Enjoy or cultivate your taste for the good things in life and share that pleasure.

The conjunction between the Moon and Venus in Aquarius at the beginning of 2017 gives you great appeal and makes you irresistible throughout the year. Adjust your behavior, as you will become more popular.

Venus will be retrograde in March and April, which could give you a break from the social scene if you need it. If you are planning to get married, consider waiting until this setback completes the April 15.

The October 10, Jupiter enters Scorpio. Maybe then you know the type of fan that will be more formal. How serious do you want your love life to be? Your loving intentions can play a more important role in your romantic decisions.

In the month of December and during the holiday season you will have control as your planet Saturn enters Capricorn, the same sign that the Sun enters two days later. You well know what you want in love, which will be respected.

Profession & Money in the 2017:
Financial, labor and professional issues will be under the spotlight at the 2017. The conjunction of Sun-Pluto in Capricorn will inject intensity into the plans throughout the year.

As the Sun enters Aquarius, Venus, Mars and Neptune will be in your Second House, which governs money and possessions. If then you need to make an investment, or reason with someone over the phone to deal with a financial issue, you will have the skill and tact necessary to achieve success.

Jupiter entering Scorpio in October will create more realistic and successful business partnerships.

In December, Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn will keep your budget for the holiday season and your work schedule under control, helping you start the New Year in very good shape.

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