#24 / 05 / 2017

#General: If today rest and recovery are not priorities in your list of "things to do", they should be.

#24 / 05 / 2017

#General: If today rest and recovery are not priorities on your list of "things to do", they should be. After the apathetic mood of the last days, you will receive the calm and tranquility of this day with relief. You will probably feel like a new person and ready to have a good time with someone close to you. But do not forget your partner, as he will want to be with you today!

#Love: The stars look towards your relationship favorably. If you follow its course, there is no limit as to where this type of love can take you. All month you have been working with sincerity in the construction of good foundations. Today is the day to start collecting the rewards of your effort.

#Profession: The information will turn today around the truth - this will play in your favor. You are a kind of standard bearer of truth, and this magnificent quality will help you score points with other people. Therefore, do not be afraid and shy away from shyness. Let, on the other hand, let everyone know about your virtue.

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