Aquarius horoscope today | 21 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Aquarium today

21 / 08 / 2017

Special Reading for Today's Total Solar Eclipse: Relationships are going to be of primary importance and the institution of marriage itself will be under the spotlight for you. The karmic forces released under this total solar eclipse will force him to reevaluate his vision of this institution and whether it suits him or not, married or not. Those of you who are currently in relationships will be thinking about alternatives, making your marriage or long-term commitments adapt to what they are and what they want in life, instead of, as they have been for many years, adapting to the institution that is You have been culturally imposed.

Your associations may seem loaded with complications today. It may seem tempting to attack on your own, but do not forget that you benefit from your partner's entry. If things do not go so well between you, take a step back and admit to yourself that you are part of the problem. Nor will obstinacy and autocratic decision-making help to alleviate the situation. Meekness, humility and good listening skills will do it.

Aquarius today a day low to do jobs that have to do with the use of your creativity, it could be that you are going through a short period of ideas, you need to look for new elements of inspiration, go out into the world and try to discover new things.

A person who has an outstanding debt with you could appear today to pay you that debt, perhaps it is not about money, but it could be something that brings you much benefit, since you are in need of it.

Love has its own voice and is screaming at you to pay attention, if you do not, you will let go a very good opportunity to love and create a very good life with someone who really loves you.

If you are in a commitment, do not stop doing the tasks that are entrusted to you by your partner, since the failure to comply will bring serious problems later.

Daily Meditation: You can not expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people. - Joel Osteen

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