Aquarius horoscope today | 09 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Aquarium today

09 / 08 / 2017

You will come into contact with some unusual people who fascinate you, but their communication styles may be completely different from yours. This is a great learning curve for you while the Moon is interacting with your past and future karma points. There are lucky opportunities around you, so there must be an increase in income. You may have some health problems since the Moon rules the health area of ​​your horoscope. Consider alternative treatments, such as osteopathy or chiropractic, if you have problems in the joints or back. Any struggle in the relationship that you have had, must now pass by as a consequence of the Moon moving outside the orb of Mars.

Aquarius today the current influence greatly enhances your imagination. If you are a creative type, this is a great thing. You will produce wonderful fantastic works of art! But now it is much more difficult to concentrate on mundane tasks, or those based on strict logic. The crunching of numbers or file papers, for example, could get tired. It's a good day to take a nap, so take one if you can do it during your work schedule.

Aquarius today you are very much looking forward to success coming to your life, you want it so much that you begin to lose the north, do not hurry, you still do not get to the point you need so that everything starts to go as planned.

You will come at some point to enjoy all the fruits of your work, but first you must strive harder, since success does not only mean being well in the economic and labor.

If you have a partner and they get along very well, that is also part of being successful in life, you appreciate your partner more, it will let you know today that you are setting aside your commitment.

Friends and family are also important and today is an excellent day to visit them or enjoy a walk together.

They owe you some money and you thought it would come during the day, but it probably will not happen and you should wait a while longer.

Daily Meditation: Never let go of that burning sadness called desire. - Patti Smith

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