Horoscope Aquarius weekend | 15 to the September 17

Aquarius Horoscope weekend

September 15 to 17

Your obligation to a friend or group can be a bit of a burden, especially if it prevents you from spending your weekend the way you want. An argument could result if you do not follow through, so it would be better to try to reach a compromise. The time you spent with your partner or a favorite date on Saturday and Sunday could be quite special. Traveling or visiting a local place that you have never been to before could be on your itinerary. Introducing new and different activities in your routine keeps the romance fresh and will help your relationship grow.

The Aquarian couples can end these relationships this weekend and this is something that the Aquarian will not like very much. Anyway, we must warn them that it is better to pass in this way, because in other cases, their partners could do something that hurt them much more, as, for example, doing the same thing they do. The Aquarius have a lot to learn yet, but time with their current partners is running out.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the same independent character that these natives have, leads to problems at work and is that they have a hard time working as a team.

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