Horoscope Weekend Aquarius | 22 to the September 24

Horoscope Weekend Aquarius

September 22 to 24

Whether you are reading instructions or following instructions, it will be easy to get lost on the empty moon on Friday morning morning. It is better to follow the prescribed course instead of following your own path. Life will offer a lot of space for exploration while the Sun goes through the friendly Libra for the next four weeks. Vacations can be on your agenda or you can try to expand your mental horizons through taking a class or workshop. This weekend you will want to be the leader of what is happening in your world. You will be at ease socializing with important people and making new connections., Aquarius

A weekend in which the Aquarius are going to forget everything and it is that they had to be able to have a weekend with which to enjoy life. In fact, this may be the best weekend for them and it is that things will go much better in general.

Those who have a partner can enjoy time by their side and without arguments and is that, once overcome the differences between them, things will return to them to go better. Singles, however, are not going to find the love of their lives, but neither is it a rush.

Love for the weekend:
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