# March March 2017

# March March 2017

#General: The Moon joined Uranus on the March 1. Find inspiration and motivation in the strangest places. Do not forget to search. You may feel anxious about financial or bureaucratic issues as the Full Moon approaches the March 12. Keep calm and a methodical attitude. Do not let emotions or imaginary problems take over. You will find a simple solution, if there is one. Let the New Moon of the March 12 introduce you to new neighbors. You may know many people at this time. It is possible that some of them become good friendships. He hopes to be popular with unconventional people and avant-garde thinking.

#Amor Singles: The conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the March 6 helps you make the break you need to make prudent decisions. It may not be logical to make a big gesture to approach an ex-partner or the person you like. The Full Moon of the March 12 in the cautious Virgo reminds you that you must go back to the basics and have a practical perspective towards love. Makes sense? Is it reasonable? These are the questions you should ask. The Mercury / Saturn Trigon of the March 29 lowers your threshold of tolerance to false and unreliable people, so an appointment that cancels at the last minute or puts you up probably does not have a second chance. Your time is valuable.

#Amor Couple: The superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the March 5 gives you a valuable objectivity. Seeing your relationship from another perspective can change the whole situation. The Full Moon in Virgo of the March 12 puts the focus on health and leads you to pay attention to how the other person feels. If your love has not been feeling good or has been in a bad mood, suggest that you start taking more care or that you go to a doctor. Mercury forms a trine with Saturn on the March 29, which puts home remodeling projects at the top of their list. Trust in your mutual strengths to be able to finish the job.

#Job: The costs of a project may generate some financial stress near the March 12. It may be necessary to fire some employees or cut staff. If you have the opportunity to access a compensated withdrawal, consider taking advantage of it. This will give you the opportunity to rest, relax and reorganize before taking the next step. They will give you good news about a job opportunity close to the March 27. Take this opportunity to attend an interview, a job fair or to meet with a recruiter. Taking a course to obtain a license or certificate could drastically improve your chances.

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