Aquarius monthly horoscope | Julio 2017

The general trend of the month, for all Aquarian natives, will be highly unfavorable.

Horoscope Aquarius monthly

July 2017

This month, Saturn would move to the tenth house of your moon sign. This would make you more determined than ever. You will be a worker and you will strive to reach the summit at work. You will have to take care of your mother, since it is probable that she will have to fight against some ailments in this period. Problems can hinder your mental state and make you restless. The transit of Jupiter in the eighth house would make your mother lean toward spirituality. The planets would work on improving your mother's health. Some monetary benefits may sound in your life this month. You could consider buying a house at this time. It is not a good indication for your life as a couple. Your spouse will have to be very conscious about his health. There are possibilities of minor stresses in the relationship. A change or changes in the business are likely. Benefits that range from the domestic to the international scope make you appreciate your work. A business trip is in the possibilities for some. It would create a sense of detachment in you. Your mind would be sharp and you will be quick in your actions. It is advisable to take care of your well-being during this period.

The general trend of the month, for all Aquarian natives, will be highly unfavorable. Labor activities, as well as affective life, will not enjoy good influences, so it is advisable to refrain from any new activity, take initiatives or try to carry out a project.

The greatest desire that the most typical Waterlifters will have is to finish the month as quickly as possible. However, this period can provide the Aquarians with the opportunity to seclude themselves to organize and plan the tasks of the coming months, to meditate and wait patiently for the time of action to arrive. In the workplace and due to the opposition of Mercury, the lack of good prospects will be felt with greater intensity.

Bad moment to request a promotion or salary increase. They must convince themselves that everything they undertake in this era is doomed to fail. If they understand and accept it, they will be able to overcome the astral attacks more easily.

Otherwise, destruction, loss, failure and frustration will crown your actions. In love it will also be a delicate month. Until the 13 day they will be depressed and nostalgic, sighing because all past time was better.

The marriages that are already dragging affective problems due to plutonian influences will be resented by the wave of melancholy that will be the constant throughout the month. Creativity, originality and inventiveness of the Waterlifters will be at zero and the most temperamental are going to launch parallel adventures in order to overcome the boredom that is in the house; but it will be a bad decision since, sometimes, the remedy is worse than the disease. Do not forget.

The practice of yoga, mind control or transcendental meditation would be of great help.

Lucky days: 4, 8,13,17, 22

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