Aquarius Monthly Horoscope | September 2017

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

Single, married, or simply contemplating whether to deepen a relationship, it does not matter; Someone in your life has been pushing a topic to the point of distraction or at least urging you to decide on something that you feel is urgent. You are not in a life full of drama unless you are the cause, of course. Wait until the 5 until the 9 in September when Mercury will be direct in your house of close relationships to express your concerns. And if you have to add a bit of drama in order to drive your point home, do not stop. After the 19, with planets influencing your eighth house of shared finance, those of you who think about expanding, moving or investing in a relationship later will want to do your due diligence to see if this is a good move for you in practical terms Only terms that you know. Let's stop adding that the October 1 will be a hot and sizzling day for romantic interludes, so it has something more fun to look forward to.

You've been considering making some moves lately, whether it's changes you're going through at work or wanting to change where you live. This will probably become more apparent to you during Jupiter's opposition to his unpredictable ruling planet, spinning on a dime, Uranus (now in retrograde) on 27 day. In the meantime, from the first week of September, you'll have a lot of planetary support through your eighth house of shared finance. This could involve the help of a spouse (combined finances), selling or buying a house as an example. And even if you are alone, remember that no man is an island. Use the energy of the eighth house to get advice from someone in the know when making money decisions in September. When you feel you have so many decisions to make, that is the time when you can inadvertently jump over some key issues. Listen to advice, seek help and try not to be your usual spontaneous self, at least in September.

Working to pay off debts can become your first priority at 5, when productive Mars enters your joint financial sector. You may be able to consolidate the bills and eliminate the interest rate by promising to pay a certain amount on a certain date. On the same day, communicative mercury goes straight into your Relations Sector, helping you get the assistant of a knowledgeable expert. The Full Moon of the 6 could bring a significant salary; Use part of this money to finance a relaxing vacation. Visiting a beautiful spa will be refreshing.

Hablador Mercurio starts his tour by Sector of Intimacy on 9 day. Take this opportunity to have a heart-to-heart discussion with your business or romantic partner. By giving up your defenses, you can make a renewed commitment to a happier, healthier relationship. On 19 day, attractive Venus also enters its Intimacy Sector, improving close relationships in her personal and professional life. On the same day, friends may feel jealous of all the time they are spending with a special person, due to a Stressing New Moon.

If in doubt, err on the side of close ties, rather than group associations. The Sun enters its Adventure Sector on 22 day, tempting you to travel widely or take an exciting course. Direct Pluto goes straight to the 28, helping you protect your personal life from prying eyes. Mercurio enters the 29 day in its Higher Learning Sector, favoring academic activities of all kinds. The end of September should be a good time to take tests, write documents and give school presentations.

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