#Anuary from 13 to 19 for February

#Anuary from 13 to 19 for February

#General: Your words are powerful this week, especially those you wrote on a Valentine's Day card. Someone could take it to the letter, so make sure you feel what you say you feel. When it's about having fun, you're the one in charge. You take care of suggesting plans and your love or your romantic interest will be more than happy to follow the flow. This weekend, the Sun abandons your sign and enters your personal finance sector, which indicates that it is time for you to evaluate them.

#Love Couples:
When you experience something as a couple at the beginning of the week, you give your relationship the opportunity to grow. Making charitable contributions as a team puts you in a good mood and reminds you how strong you can be when you work like this. They get good contacts as a couple at the end of the week, so do not refuse any invitation to social events. When you do a favor, you can expect one in return.

#Animo Solteros
: What do you think about your moments of tranquility? Is there someone who dominates your thoughts when you think about the past? The first days of the week could be a very emotional moment if you get lost in the past, so try to live in the present as much as possible. Establishing new contacts is an excellent tool to get appointments over the weekend, especially if you have many single friends. Going out with someone's ex-partner is probably not ideal, it will be with any other person.

#Profession: It is possible that you are trying to do something even if you are afraid. Power struggles at work can be difficult to ignore. You could find out that people with a practical approach are immune to your charms. Be patient that the energy will be relieved a little too soon. You could have a lot of work that requires good customer service. Take care that everyone is making the same assumptions. Prepare to work extra. This works in your favor later.

#Money: Certain activity in your sector of shared investments and property can only mean one thing. What you own may come to the auction as you try to raise some of the money you need. Make sure that you and your partner are aware of the details of the sale, since it is possible that the consequences are too serious to risk more. Both your partner and your family are counting on you will make the right decisions.

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