#Anuary of the 13 to the 19 of March

#Anuary of the 13 to the 19 of March

#General: If there is a problem that persists, you may need more time to resolve it. A friend may come to your rescue with a new perspective that reaffirms you and gives you more confidence about the future. In addition, a social mix of energies could improve your business as well as romantic options. This week, you can enjoy the best of both worlds if you want it. Even so, with the Sun forming a daring angle with Saturn, being firm can prevent them from taking advantage of you.

#Love Couples: Which word best describes you at the beginning of the week? Probably "indifferent". You do not want to act so reserved, but some details do not need to be shared. Being in a couple means telling the truth, but divulging every little detail is not always necessary. They need to feel socially useful over the weekend, so volunteering together is a great activity. Romance happens when you least expect it.

#Amor Singles: Do you get stuck inside your own head at the beginning of the week? Does anyone try to get your attention and just get you to ignore it without wanting to? Your privacy is valuable, but make sure you do not miss opportunities that could change your love life. You are a very humanitarian person, and your ideal partner during the weekend is someone who cares about the same causes as you. The animals, the environment and poverty are all worthy of your time.

#Profession: This period promises a combination of positive social contacts in a more serious or limited environment. There could be a very authoritarian person trying to send you in ways that do not go well for you. A clash of ideas can lead to growth if you are looking for compromise solutions. Clinging to resentment about what is not fair works against you. This is a very social and ideal moment for any type of event.

#Money: This week brings both luck and surprises alike to your money and stock sector. The Universe expands your chances of earning more money (and even your ideas to do so), while bringing sudden flashes of intuition and ingenuity. You may be surprised at how incredibly useful the people you know are, even in the most insignificant ways. You will notice that these people are willing to help again as well.

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