# Weekly horoscope horoscope from 6 to March 12

# Weekly horoscope horoscope from 6 to March 12

#General: With Mars entering the sensual Taurus sign and your home and family sector this week, it may be time to slow down and enjoy home cooking. If you can take a break in the next few weeks, try to do it. This could be a golden opportunity to recharge all your energy. You may also be interested in shopping and it is very possible that you will find a special offer. You may want to waste money this weekend, so do not overdo it.

#Love Couples: Your partner can tell when you're overreacting, you know? The compliments are good when they are sincere, but if you do them in order to manipulate, your love will probably notice it! You will have to be able to cross the facade of your partner during the weekend if you want to get to the truth. Your love simulates very well, but you have to see beyond. Do not be afraid to ask the difficult questions.

#Amor Singles: Do you think you cheat someone? If your words say one thing but your body language says another, an appointment will be noticed immediately. Sometimes it is better to cut to the bone and say goodbye than to prolong a meeting that is not working. You do not like mental games very much, so anyone who lies or acts in a manipulative way is not your ideal partner during the weekend. There is a great ocean of romantic possibilities out there. Do not stay with the wrong fish.

#Profession: Get dressed to impress and go socialize as much as possible. It is a period that could be slow for business, your activity and charm could be at the top. This is a time when good customer service will be remembered and recognized. If you have wanted to make a change or move in a new direction with your career, the energy will finally start to let you move forward.

#Money: This week you are being asked to take on greater responsibility in your personal or professional relationships. Do not give them half attention. He really tries to make them feel his value. During the week the work day after day is highlighted. Money may be temporarily unstable, but you are receiving very good ideas on how to do more. Write them down!

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