Aquarius Horoscope This Week | 28 from August to 3 from September

Horoscope of this Aquarius Week

28 from August to 3 from September

This Aquarius Week the first quarter Moon in Sagittarius can reveal where friends and romance are in your life. Maybe change between sharing your feelings and being separated in romance. Connecting with a wise friend will undoubtedly bring ideas about the needs of your heart. In the same way, romantic communications will be the focus of retrograde Mercury in Leo. You will talk about love, commitment and long-term business. A close friend can bring someone compatible in their life. Being clear about what you need in love will be part of the process.

This Aquarian Week when you can not be who you are, puts you in this place where all the walls appear, the false voice comes out, the professionalism comes into action and you continue with everyone as if you had no emotion. You realize that people need you to be strong for them, they can not have to fly in several emotional rolls, they need to know that they can stay together, that they can be the support they need. You can not very well have your personal luggage doing the hard work, you can not otherwise interfere with people who believe in you and trust you can begin to lose hope and faith.

It's like one of my favorite bands, for years I idolized those women, thinking that they were strong, incredibly creative musicians who were behind their vision in life. I went to one of their concerts a few years ago, and they were not what I expected. On stage they were clumsy, playing songs for the young masses who had come to know them for the degeneration in pop music. I always loved their unique indie atmosphere and the way they told the music industry that they do not sell out. In that show they talked about their personal lives and the struggles they were having away from home and their partners. They came out as too real and down-land, not the inspiring rock stars that I had built to be. Needless to say, I was disappointed and left the concert with this heaviness in my chest. Shortly after his music changed drastically and became unrecognizable. You do not want to go the same way.

This Week Aquarius the Moon moves to Sagittarius on Monday and you are keeping the facade strong. Mercury moves to Leo on Thursday when the Moon moves to Capricorn and the masks are better than the truth. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday and you can relax with people who do not need you to be anything other than you. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday, bringing intellectualism.

During the last months the people of Aquarius have tolerated stressful situations and this week your body will recriminate you. You will suffer pains in many parts of the body, especially in the lower back and neck. Your concerns regarding the workplace have caused you to completely forget about your health. This week will be the right one to do something about it, if you let it go when you remember it again it will be too late and you will not only have to deal with the pain but also with an illness.

Book a time for yourself and perform some activity that gives you satisfaction and helps you relax. In the labor field, the people of this sign will have a week a little conflictive. Some slight disagreements with your boss will arise during the next few days, but nothing that will cause you problems. Aquarius will live an ideal week in the field of love. Your social life will be very active and you will receive many invitations for meetings and parties.

If you are single or single you should attend because you can expand your circle of friends and among your new acquaintances may be your future partner For their part, people of this sign that are in pairs will spend next to the person who love a spectacular week and with a lot of harmony.

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