Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | 03 to the 09 of July

It will be a week in which the people of Aquarius will achieve great advances on an emotional and psychological level.

Horoscope Aquarian weekly

03 to 09 July

This week you will have a happy domestic life. There are possibilities that you can acquire a vehicle or property or look for a new house during this period. You have to work hard at your place of work during this week, and you can leave far from your family. In your personal life, you can face some problems that must be treated with maturity and sincere focus. Sudden losses or profits may surprise you. You will develop interest in occult sciences and spiritual activities. Your children may face health problems this week, so you need to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Students may have difficulty concentrating on their studies, but they must remember that patience and hard work are the key to success. This week seems like a good time to pay off your debts. There will be an exact balance between your income and expenses.

It will be a week in which the people of Aquarius will achieve great advances on an emotional and psychological level. Emotionally, you have hurts from the past that you need to heal. During the next few days an acquaintance will invite you to perform an activity through which you can begin to express little by little the pain. There are secrets that you had not dared to share with your family for fear they would not understand you or judge you.

In the near future you will be able to open your heart and you will not regret having done it because they will show you all their support and all their affection. It will be a long way but finally you will finally be able to heal and overcome some difficult stages of your life. In the workplace, this week will be a tense situation during a negotiation referred to an economic issue. They will not be willing to give you what you ask, however, do not lose your temper because that will make the problem worse. Wait to stay alone and calm to plan the best solution for this situation In the economic field you will have an excellent week.

You are going through a very prosperous economic moment. Your venture has grown a lot in a short time and you have an influx of very important monthly money. This favorable situation will make many interested people come to you, so you must be very careful when choosing the person with whom you will enter into a romantic relationship. Use your intelligence and do not be fooled by false smiles or false manifestations of affection.

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