Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | 11 to the September 17

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

September 11 to 17

The romance will be somewhat less boring during the last quarter of Luna in Gemini. You are likely to experience a breakthrough with your lover that takes the relationship to the next level. If you are looking for romance, you can meet someone who will accelerate your personal growth, which means that it will be a rocky walk at times. Whether you are matched or alone, becoming aware of an emotional problem that hinders the flow of love in your life is your mission. You will be more in tune with your heart's desire this weekend when a meaningful conversation can awaken intimacy. Sunday is your best day for a date of two!

Commitment is the key word for this week, especially in your private life. Weddings, engagements, vow renewals and other public signs of commitment are well featured - but do not forget to say the words in private too. It's not just to show.

When you wear that uniform, you assume that identity, in the same way that when you enter the workplace you become what you need to get to do the job. You're not used to chameleons' lifestyle, so for you there are only a few different people you can change, you do not feel comfortable when you're being something you're not. You are holding the best you can, but there is a limit to how strong you can be and when certain situations arise, you find yourself struggling through that haze of triggers, trying to stay calm while doing everything you can to handle the situation.

You may be on the more emotionally independent side, but that does not mean you do not feel, it just means that one of your people allows you to turn off those emotions and be more logical so you can go through the situation. You know you're not supposed to take work home with you, but when something comes to you, you'll definitely go home to mourn for it. We all feel that helpless, hopeless, what I am doing with me in life sometimes and you are not impervious to having moments that collapse your emotions and make you think that there is nothing but the struggle in the world. You will recover, but not before facing these emotions. The Moon moves to Gemini on Monday and he is forced to be the monkey on stage.

The Moon moves to Cancer on Wednesday while Venus trills Saturn, bringing positive influence to business relationships. The Sun places Saturn on Thursday bringing feelings of inadequacy and emotional pain. The Moon moves to Leo on Friday and spends the weekend there as Venus is sextile to Jupiter, allowing her to express her feelings and face them without fear. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Saturday bringing intellectualism.

Ascending: You're not impervious to feeling down and out

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