Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | 4 to the September 10

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

September 4 to 10

Mars and Mercury traveling through Virgo will illuminate their deepest drives and desires, along with the emotional wounds they have that impede the flow of love and lust. Mercury in Virgo will strengthen your ability to obtain information about your psyche. Entering your inner life can sometimes be heavy, so be sure to reach out to someone you can trust to enlighten when necessary. The Full Moon in Pisces will energize your purchasing power, but you will again yearn for a more personal connection this weekend when receiving a meeting of friends at home or snuggling with your affection will lift your spirits.

Be careful that assertiveness does not look like aggression. You are right to defend your own interests, but do it with tact and some humor. Pulling your weight around will not impress anyone, and can damage your image.

You know that when all you do is share the good things in life, both attract more good things, but they also make people think you are this invincible force of grandiosity. That tends to work well for you when you do not have anything to knock it down, but it also makes it really difficult to tell someone about the things that are going on behind the scenes. Your life is not all sun and rainbows, but it is better to resist difficult storms than other people so they do not know what is behind all smiles and happy lucky posts.

Part of you want certain people to think that your life is just a great montage of flash mob goodness. You want them to think that the people in your life are the type who will be singing and dancing around you all the time, and that you will never be unhappy.

The people who really know you, the ones who are not on that side of admiring you and putting you on a pedestal, the guys who need to think you're invincible so they do not try to knock it down, those people know that you have sad days, that sometimes you feel inadequate in your work, that sometimes you want to get into work and make a speech about how terrible everyone is and how they should be fired for their insubordination and incompetence. You're constantly late, but it's hard to do.

The Moon begins the week in Aquarius and you are trying to maintain this happy attitude of luck. Mars moves to Virgo on Tuesday and we have a full moon moving through Aquarius to Pisces and it's hard to be genuine, but keep your secrets at the same time. The Moon moves to Aries on Wednesday and you are going to say something that you regret. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo and you are being pragmatic.

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