Aquarius Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Aquarian Weekly

21 to August 27

The solar eclipse occurs in your love zone, so it could be a tumultuous week for your relationship. Rest assured that you can take advantage of this, if you wish. The challenges will make you stronger together, but it is vital that you keep talking along.

On Monday, the second of two rare Leo moons in 2017 lands in its seventh house of relationships. Stay in your fedora; It is also a super-charged solar eclipse, which is sure to intensify your momentum to combine. It's a good time to be a single Aquarius! You will turn heads wherever you go and people will respond to you, but play nice and do not drive people on if they do not have a chance. The influence of the eclipse will last six months (or more), but the next few weeks are the time of high power for your charms. If you know you would really like to be in a committed relationship, take the "hunt" seriously. Use your Spiderman senses to filter out phone players and colleagues while at the same time keeping a very open mind about potential partners. This new Leo moon sets a strong "opposite attract" vibration, which means that someone quite outside of their normal type can hit their statement sandals. But if you do not give people a chance, you'll never know. Attached? Eclipses bring hidden things to light, and anything that has been bothering you in society needs to be dealt with now. It will not be the easiest conversation you have had, but it could be the most important one. As a communicative air signal, you know it is (ultimately) better to get it all out in the open so you can discuss solutions. Solid and committed couples will be able to work through this and grow stronger as a result, but if there is any structural defect, you may realize that you can not celebrate together with glue. Even if you have to have some sessions with a couples therapist, it will be worth knowing if you have what it takes to go the distance.

That said, couples may face a "make or break" moment next month, when the bright sunlight shines on Virgo and its eighth house of permanent ties from Tuesday to September's 22. Really put things on the line. If you decide "this is all", the following steps could happen suddenly under this transit. However, if you are still not sure if this person is chosen, try this experiment. Seriously try to imagine life without them. When you are together, imagine how you would feel if they were no longer part of your life. What part of you is more in it: your head, heart (or lower regions)? This can help you get clarity. If you are still in the fence, give it your all for a couple of weeks. You will not really discover how an association will develop until you go all the way without holding back.

You can work on rebuilding the Aquarian Team starting on Friday, when the hard and critical Saturn stays out of the retrograde mode it has been in since the April 6. Now back in the forward movement in Sagittarius and your eleventh collaborative house, Saturn can help you look to the future and get a clearer picture of what you want to create or be a part of. Saturn is a hard teacher, but the lessons are always what we need to learn. You might realize that you need to dissociate yourself from certain people who have been lowering their environment or are simply too needy. Its sign is the avant-garde and innovative humanity of the zodiac. Now is the time to find your true vocation and surround yourself with the kind of people who share your values ​​and are equally committed to getting there.

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