#Annual Weekly Tarot from 15 to 21 from May 2017

Weekly Prediction of the Tarot for my beloved Aquarius, for the week of the 15 to the 21 of May, made with all the love of the world by CalderoyEscoba.es

#Annual Weekly Tarot from 15 to 21 from May 2017

Welcome a week more my dear Aquarius to the weekly tarot, for this week of the 15 to the 21 of May of 2.017.

As always, I ask you to reflect and adapt the circulation to your needs, concerns, fears, hopes and joys; since it will help you to better understand the currents that we all have in our day to day.

First of all, I leave the weekly tarot test done as everything I do with all the love of the world, sending you the greatest of my blessings, that the angels take care of you and guide your walk in this path we have in life.

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