Runas Aquarius Week | 26 from June to 2 from July | Text

The rune that governs you augurs abrupt changes, hard times are coming. Something will hit your life

Runes Aquarius Week

26 from June to 2 from July

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The rune that governs you augurs sudden changes, hard times are coming. Something will hit your life and wake you from lethargy. The changes will be unpleasant, however, they are necessary. Your plans may not be made and you may suffer losses. You must be alert to accept and understand that what happens to you is necessary for your growth.

In the health, it is very possible that you have to perform some type of medical test. It is possible that they give you some treatment, or that you need to make some change in your routine. The nerves and headaches that you have will subside towards the end of the week.

When it comes to work, this week you will need more strength than usual, you may have to give up something that a priori seems a good opportunity, however, giving up this first option will allow you to know other options that will surely be better. This is a decision that should not be impulsive, meditate before choosing. It is also possible that apart from the work routine you will find a new project that motivates you.

With regards to love, you will live a week that will give you fullness. You will feel happy and grateful and that will allow you to consolidate the relationship you have, or start a new one in the case of being single. It is a week of celebration, in which you will enjoy in the company of friends. You must keep an eye on this, because you may let yourself go in these meetings and do something that you can regret. The acts have consequences.

The Council of Angels: The lack of desire is born, while happiness arises out of the absence of desire. It is not happier who else has, but who less needs.

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