#Aries March 2017

#Aries March 2017

#General: The Mars / Saturn trine of the March 5 gives you the strength to achieve something great. Keep a practical attitude and not too ambitious. You may want to keep a low profile during the Full Moon of the March 12, but still you will do many things. You may devote most of your time and energy to what you like most. Take care of your health and keep your diet now, and feel very happy about it. Let yourself go during the New Moon of the March 27. Love what you do and seek to do it more often and better. Nothing can stop you.

#Amor Singles: Do not be afraid of rejection during the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus of the March 2, mostly because you're not afraid to take a chance. Maybe the person you like will tell you no, but you'll never know if you do not try. Mercury enters your ambitious sign the March 13 and this makes your communication skills more aggressive. Your friends may say that you like to suffer when you invite the same person out once more, but you see it as persistence. The inferior conjunction between your sign and Venus of the March 25 brings out your selfish tendencies, but deep down you are not as selfish as you seem. The right person will know how to see it.

#Amor Couple:
The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus from the March 2 challenges you to take romantic risks, which is not a big step for you. Surprise your love with a seductive sample of your affection to raise the temperature. Mercury enters your competitive 13 sign in March, which makes you obsessed with arguing with or without good reason. If listening to your partner is not a priority, then so be it. Your sign forms the annual lower conjunction with Venus the March 25, which defies your tendency to be selfish. Make sure your relationship focuses more on "us" than on "me."

#Job: The quality of the tasks assigned to you could improve the 12 of March thanks to a New Moon that rewards. Your superior performance helped you to apply for an excellent position that is the envy of your colleagues. If you do not have a job, they may offer you a stable job in a prestigious company. There will be many opportunities for growth and that appeals to your ambition. You will have a glorious opportunity to show your creative abilities in the days around the March 27. If you dedicate yourself to the performing arts, it is the ideal time for you to attend auditions or look for a job in a theater company.

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