Monthly horoscope Aries | Julio 2017

Fabulous month from the professional and economic point of view. Thanks to Mercury's gravitation, he will take advantage of any contact he establishes with people.

Horoscope monthly Aries

July 2017

Saturn will travel through the eighth house of your moon sign and, as a result, you may have changes in your work. Some people will have the opportunity to go abroad. A chronic illness could bother you during this month. There could be physical problems in your children and being hindered their studies too. Your love could be subjected to difficult tests, which could frustrate your partner. With the transit of Jupiter through the sixth house of your moon sign, you will gain an advantage over your enemies. You will be favored by your superiors and older people in your place of work, and foreign connections would give favorable results. You would find yourself inclined towards permanent humanitarian activities. You may amplify your gains, but you may face problems related to your left ear. The transit of Venus in your second home will make you have deep pockets during this period, and you will earn money in abundance. The transit of Sun, Mercury and Mars in the third house will make you love your brothers even more. Your work efficiency will be high, and you will find yourself fit during this period.

Fabulous month from the professional and economic point of view. Thanks to Mercury's gravitation, he will take advantage of any contact he establishes with people.

It is highly possible that you travel for work or study reasons or contact abroad through people or companies from another country. With the mercurial protection, he will perform skilful financial maneuvers with which he will solve pressing situations. It is an excellent month to deal with advertising matters, to sign documents and boost public relations.

Gambling could also give some extra profits, as long as they are not excessive. Under the Martian rays, he will work with hard work and dedication to obtain what he proposes and will use all the means he finds in his path. All this will make Aries a remarkable winner.

The good vibes of the red planet will take more force on Aries from day 27. If you have any vocation, you want to specify a work agreement or make important changes in your profession, do not think about it anymore, it is now or never. Ahead.

In the love area they will start the month with the left foot. Until the 13 day do not allow the temperamental outbursts, impulsiveness and instinctive aggressiveness of the sign become their worst enemies and shatter their most intimate affective illusions. If you do not want to lose your partner, try to keep your time well occupied, count to ten before saying the first thing that comes to mind and try by all means to avoid confrontations because the result would be chaotic.

From the 14 day, if they overcome the critical moments in the intimate life, they will live extremely positive moments and feel that they can touch the sky with their hands. Health will be optimal, especially during the last week of the month.

Lucky days: 9, 18, 27

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