#Aries from the 13 to the March 19

#Aries from the 13 to the March 19

#General: In many different ways, the current mix of energies is excellent to manifest your dreams, since you are deeply aware of the more subtle levels in which they exist. You also have the ability to plan ahead and take action to turn your dreams into reality. If you can avoid getting bored with an idea before it starts, something beautiful may flourish in the days and weeks to come. On the other hand, a conversation could end in an exciting date night.

#Amor Couple: There is no place in your relationship for selfishness at the beginning of the week. You know how you would like to be treated, so be sure to return the favor. There are opportunities to grow at the end of the week, especially if you predispose to make changes. The endings can be frightening, but sometimes they are necessary to make room for something new. Seeing your partner do something you have not seen before is, to say the least, revealing.

#Amor Singles: Projecting a selfish attitude will not help you in your search for love. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself in the first place when you do not have a partner, but do not expect to find someone to share your life with if you do not even predispose to share your stuff! Dealing with the definitive character of a break is never pleasant, but some realities can be a harder blow over the weekend. Distractions can help you.

#Profession: You can enjoy a moment of great energy that is both productive and satisfyingly emotional. Your personal charm and persuasion are strong. This is a good time to explain your ideas or lead a team effort. Do not forget the little details. It may be necessary to do something more to do things well, so be especially patient. Office meetings and community events can help your business interests.

#Money: This week, the Universe is supportive. Your mind is focused on putting savings and investment plans in place, especially for your family. You want to become more responsible in this area and reduce impulsive spending. Think about how your needs are met by working for a large institution. Maybe it's time to think about how to start your own business?

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