#Aries from 27 from February to 5 from March

#Aries from 27 from February to 5 from March

#General: Although the Sun in a spiritual sector of your astrological chart can motivate you to close doors and leave behind situations that no longer do you good, you have many opportunities to open new doors. The idea of ​​knowing when to leave something behind and when to let it in can be a powerful concept at this time. Venus enters the retrograde phase in your sign, which inspires you to seek a relationship with your own being. Learn to forgive and accept your mistakes.

#Amor Couple: Accompany your love when you need it. For whatever you need at the beginning of the week, you have to be there. Leaving your wishes aside to fulfill those of your partner is a generous and admirable action. They have a great ability to earn money if they work as a team towards the weekend, especially if you or your partner already has contacts in the business area they plan to start. The limit is heaven when they combine their talents.

#Amor Singles: You want to become whatever the person you are interested in wants you to be, but being transparent is the best option at the beginning of the week. If you start a relationship based on lies, the foundations will always be weak. Mixing work with pleasure is tempting towards the end of the week, but make sure there are no serious policies against going out with colleagues or clients that may compromise your work.

#Profession: If you do not relax now, you will want to do it very soon. Suspicion of anything that is very intense and dramatic. There may be unfortunate events in relation to trade. Do what is most comfortable and familiar. This is a positive moment to review the history of a business or particular project in which you are working. Expect to be popular now. Energy drives good times.

#Money: This week has favorable aspects that indicate that you are looking for ways to earn money that employ your prodigious communication skills and will give you more pleasure in general. Your relationships will play an important role this week. Start a conversation with a stranger and you may notice that they have more in common than they thought.

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