#Aries from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: A spontaneous decision may require you to follow closely the deepest evaluation of the situation you have gotten yourself into.

#Aries from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: A spontaneous decision may require you to closely follow the deeper assessment of the situation you have gotten yourself into. Spontaneously offering your time for a project may feel good, but maybe you need to be more entrepreneurial if you want to take advantage of your efforts. A lovely event or meeting could also light up the coming days. But the weekend could bring contradictory messages or misunderstandings, so take it all with skepticism.

#Amor Couple: Your fiery nature helps you show your love to your partner at the beginning of the week. Whether you have time to plan it or it turns out to be something more spontaneous, your grand gesture achieves the desired effect. Your anxiety increases when you throw yourself into the unknown during the weekend, but shaking hands with your partner has the power to calm you down. It's nice to know that someone is there to help you get up.

#Amor Singles: You have a lot of enthusiasm for a new relationship at the beginning of the week, but doing too much too soon may scare the other person. Going slowly is not your style, but stepping on the brakes a bit just this time will not hurt your reputation. You feel nervous for a first date over the weekend, but the encouragement of your close friends should increase your confidence. Your date is lucky to go out with you, not the other way around!

#Profession: Some ideas that you thought a week ago were extraordinary suddenly do not seem so good. Someone is presented with a new point of view that forces you to rethink yours. Do not be afraid to introduce last minute changes in your strategy, there is nothing wrong with it.

#Money: Usually you like to do things your way, but you also know how to work well as a team. With a favorable aspect affecting your sector of serious and marital relationships, it may be personal things now, or it may be time for a very serious merger. Planets bring a perfect balance between action and creativity. It's not a bad time to launch a new business, so if you were thinking about it, do it!

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