Aries Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Weekly Aries

14 to August 20

Your desire for independence could be problematic at home. Sharing more of your dreams and visions with your partner and your family would help - if you let people know where you are going, you will be happier as they will support you on your trip.

Do you know that feeling when the train enters the station and slows down little by little? You feel the force of gravity change, the brakes scream, the various noises that are associated with this, and then people start to get up from their seats, pressing the buttons to open the doors, and you are unaware of this process carried out in the whole two minutes until it's too late, you do not arrive in time, when you hit the button the door does not open and you end up abandoned in some other city that is twenty five kilometers south of where you want to be.

You can not stop feeling like an idiot for being so stupid and, worse, you want to defeat yourself as if you had done something different. You are going to get all the crashes with co-workers and people who really want to help, because when a project stops or deviates completely in this way, you only feel like it's your fault. And since no one can help you and you're pulling them, you're going to enter that cave, not in the big creative bubble, but in the cave of despair, and you're going to be so frustrated until someone in your world goes away from you. that edge. You know that distractions do not solve all your problems, but you are willing to ignore this for a while until you can come back with a new perspective. The Moon starts the week in Taurus and your train went somewhere you never expected it to be. The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you're desperately trying to get the project back to its previous course. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday while Venus square to Jupiter brings insincerity and shock of observations. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday bringing the isolation. The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday, since Mars is sextile to Jupiter, bringing confidence and willingness to continue.

The people of Aries will be forced this week to pay attention to their health. Your body has tolerated a busy lifestyle for a long time, full of harmful habits. However, this week your health will call you to begin to make healthy changes in your life. Be careful, because there will be no other warning, if you do not change, you will regret it a lot in the coming months.

In the workplace, it will not be a good week, especially for those people from Aries who work in a dependency relationship. The company where you work is going through a serious crisis and this will cause the mood of all the people around you, especially your superiors, to be tense and aggressive. You will be forced to work overtime and put up with a lot of pressure. Emotionally you will be on the verge of collapse and that is why you will start to think seriously about the possibility of renouncing. In the sentimental field, those people of Aries who have distanced themselves from their partners and who wish to reconquer them, should not miss this week because they will be astrologically very favored for reconciliations. For their part, people who do not have a relationship will have a week in which they will be tormented by uncertainty.

Finally you have achieved the value you needed to confess to the person you love your feelings and during the next few days that person will give you an answer. It probably will not be the answer you expected, but you will be able to overcome this disappointment in love sooner than you imagine.

Ascending Aries: It was horrible, but you survived, right?

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