Aries Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Weekly Aries

21 to August 27

You have been depriving yourself of taking a creative risk. Unless you take that leap of faith, circumstances can force your trick. The key is to have the confidence to move on and do it anyway - before you run out of any option in the matter.

Press the pause key in your plans for global domination, Aries. On Monday, 21 in August your attention turns to career planning and return to your getaways in the worlds of creativity and romance. The second of two super-rare moons in Leo gives life to your fifth house of love, art and fame, and as if that were not enough, it also happens to be a powerful solar eclipse, which starts a new chapter in your love life. This next cycle will last from six months to a year and a half! Being honest, you may need an extra spoonful of drama and intensity to sustain your interest. As long as you do not become too addicted to adrenaline, that could be a good thing. As a fiery Aries, you need the kind of partner that will stimulate you and be your equal (but not your clone in thought!). It is important to have clarity about your needs and preferences. Attached? Add a bit of spice to sexual activities by trying out some new positions, toys and maybe becoming very creative with your wardrobe. Single? Be honest about what your heart really wants. If you just want a sexy playmate, be honest about that. But if you are looking for romance that has the potential to be long lasting, raise the bar. When you settle for someone who does not meet your standards, you send a signal that will simply attract more of the same. The fifth house also regulates fertility, so if you've been thinking about those lines, this could be a particularly productive week. Of course, you can be "fruitful" in all kinds of creative endeavors. Call your muse and allow yourself to experiment and play. And with the artistic Venus entering this same kingdom on Saturday (until the September 19), you will be in tune with beauty and romance, and could even play mediator in the discussion of some mutual friends.

You can catch your breath and catch up with your life bullet train on Tuesday, when the Sun starts bets on Leo until next year and will go to the practical Virgo and your sixth house until the September 22. This should come as welcome news, if you consciously wanted a break or not. For the next month you can expect a slower, healthier pace of life and the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Let people know that you are not avoiding them or making them ghosts, just by taking a much needed time of your own. The sixth house governs healthy living, so make a point during the next four weeks to schedule self-care appointments. We're not talking about a quick four-week juice (unless you've wanted to do that) or giving up all your pleasures. Think in terms of "healthy hedonism." Work is likely to get hot under this surge of solar energy, so keep a little space on your calendar to accommodate "invisible" things that will surely come up.

A travel error may bite on Friday, when Saturn long-term planner ends a five-month flashback in Sagittarius and his ninth travel home. But before booking a last minute flight or start looking for a sublease, think with your body and mind. Too much travel or in a hurry could exhaust your energy reserves (already low) and kill you. Do you miss distant friends? There is no need to travel ten hours to see them when you can send a WhatsApp or Skype with them. Any trip you take must be carefully considered and very well planned. "Meditating" will probably give you less joy and more headaches. The ninth house also regulates higher education and entrepreneurship, and with Saturn again in the forward movement, it can explode on a plateau or hit on a perfect idea that is eluding you since April. Some Aries can find the perfect certification or training program that offers construction skills in a fabulous location abroad. Passport, please!

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