Runes Week Aries | 19 to the 25 of June | Text

This Aries Week, the rune that governs you is a rune of movement.

Runes Aries Week

19 to the 25 of June

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This Aries Week, the rune that governs you is a rune of movement. He talks about changes that will allow you to reach your goals. They are internal changes that will make you know yourself better and grow. In the same way, it is possible that you undertake some trip or move.

With regard to health, you are living a moment of little energy. You may feel overwhelmed or upset caused by a lack of inner peace, something that little by little, and naturally, remit. But you have to be patient and not fall into reckless risks or excesses.

At work You may not be in the best work environment. It is possible that the conflicts with colleagues will follow, from which you will emerge victorious as long as you have learned from similar past experiences and that you yourselves do not get in the way. It is possible that you receive some material rewards or some flattery for a job well done.

As for love, you are going to make a base change. Your perspective will change, which will allow you to dispel doubts or other negative feelings that you may have. The runes do not speak of ruptures, but on the contrary, they speak of reunions and new encounters that once overcome the distrust, they will be full and strong.

The council of the Angels is: Philosophy is not the love of wisdom, but the wisdom of love.

I bid you farewell to the next runic run, but not before sending you my maximum blessing, may the angels take care of you and guide you on your great path ahead of you. Always be the being of light that we really are.

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