Runes Week Aries | 3 to the 9 of July | Text

Runic prediction and angelic message for the sign of Aries for the week of the 3 to the 9 of July of 2.017 - Transcript

Runes Aries Week

3 to the 9 of July

This is the version of the post with the transcription of the video included HERE, with a series of tips and novelties that we hope you also like, anyway we would like you to give us opinions in the posts that you would like to see added to the spreads or predictions in order to reach you more deeply, since everything we do With the utmost respect and love of the world towards you, it is what makes us strong every day.

The rune that governs you it indicates the appropriate moment for action, deep regeneration and the search for totality. It is time for your essence to arise and you are enlightened for it. It is also time for you to admit something that you have denied for a long time, since now it will become undeniable.

In the health, the runes indicate that, although you now feel well without noticeable discomfort, fate is weaving something that you can not control. Some change is coming that will make you feel weaker and without energy. It is possible that old ailments reappear. This will cause that your physical and psychic state stops, you will feel without desire. It is advisable a medical review, as well as a few moments of rest and rest.

At work, the moment is very propitious. You are protected and before you open different possibilities that will allow you to obtain rewards of those efforts that you have previously made. It is possible that you receive some material retribution or even a salary increase. All this is a consequence of your perseverance and your work well done. On the other hand, you may be presented with the possibility of expanding your knowledge. It will be good that, if you have an opportunity to train, do not let it escape, since it is a good time for your personal growth.

In love, Maybe you should do a little analysis. Maybe your relationships are not perfect, but on a general level, they are satisfying and make you feel good. After a brief dialogue, you can make that small change that you need, to be able to continue advancing and approaching happiness. They are not important changes, and the fact of not doing them will not harm you either. Your relationships will flow alone and you will feel that a current full of well-being drags you. Not only will you enjoy fullness as a couple, but you will also enjoy meetings with friends and people who love you. For those of you who are single, these meetings are good places to meet people.

The Council of Angels: The lack of desire is born, while happiness arises out of the absence of desire. Many times we crave more than we have without realizing that what we have makes us happy.

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