Capricorn 2017 is your year to move forward, make changes and succeed

Capricorn 2017 is your year to move forward, make changes and succeed

Personal Life in the 2017:
It is your year to move forward, make bold changes to progress, be successful and achieve greater respect from the world. The conjunction of Sun-Pluto manifesting in your sign in January will fill your entire year with power.

There will be four Mercury retrograde periods in the 2017, but it will only be in Capricorn during the first seven days of January. At the beginning, he adopts a prudent and waiting attitude, but after January's 8, he advances at full steam.

The trine between your planet Saturn and Uranus makes it easier to adopt a bold and innovative attitude this year once you have weighed your many options.

At the beginning of the year, a sextile eruption involving eight planets will keep you connected and in contact with people, which will allow you to relate to them with coldness and calmness and thus see the magic that surrounds many people and situations.

Your family and friends will listen and support you. But it may be love that generates more progress for you.

Saturn will be retrograde in Sagittarius from April until the end of August. This will mitigate any excess enthusiasm or hasty action.

December will be a super strong month with Saturn returning to Capricorn, its ruling sign, the December 19. The December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn and joint Saturn. You will end the year with high morale and a firm base for next year.

Love in the 2017 - Couples:

With Jupiter in Libra for most of the year, the Capricorn couple can enjoy an affluent social life and private lives just as abundant.

The 2017 begins with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. It will be easier to talk about things, especially the emotional problems that are sometimes left aside.

Venus will be retrograde in March and April, starting in Aries and ending in Pisces. If you or your partner feels a little egocentric or offended, by April, compassion will have already returned to a large extent.

When Jupiter enters the October 10 in Scorpio, love becomes more real and certain more serious domestic worries may arise. Facing them together and being on the same frequency in doing so will unite them more.

The month of December and the season of festivities will be fantastic. Make calculated celebration plans, spend wisely and experience greater love and respect among the members of your family; especially between the two of you.

Love in the 2017 - Singles:

Romance has a magical glow in the 2017. The year begins with a conjunction Mars-Neptune in Pisces. The desire for an idealized love is strong and will not fade quickly.

Venus retrograde in March and April may slow down the romance, although it will not cool it down. Because it starts in Aries, you may be sensitive to the abuse. When this recoil ends in Pisces, the feelings will be more tenuous. If you are planning to seal a formal relationship, consider waiting until Venus moves directly again (after April's 15).

Jupiter in Libra puts many romantic opportunities in your way. Many of these people could be more glamorous and have more extravagant tastes than yours. Be reasonable, but remember that there is nothing wrong with letting you be treated that way by a sincere admirer.

Once Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, love becomes more serious in general. Total integrity and devotion are crucial now. Physical intimacy is more important, desired and also satisfying.

In December, you will shine during the Christmas season, after Saturn enters Capricorn the December 19 and the Sun has joined you in your sign the December 21. Love will be sensible, solid and rich in consideration and mutual respect.

Profession & Money in the 2017:
Your work, professional career and finances are highlighted in the 2017. In January, the conjunction of Sun-Pluto in Capricorn gives you extra motivation, focus and energy to advance towards what is your place in the world.

Uranus and the asteroid Ceres also join in Aries. You may then discover or design many new ways to nurture yourself financially.

Saturn will be retrograde from April until the end of August. Big purchases or riskier decisions can be made in April, May or June. Do not be reckless, but do not doubt if you think it convenient and accessible.

When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, your allies and associations can become more aware of integrity and ultimate gain.

December could be a busy month as both Sun and Saturn enter Capricorn at the end of the month. At the end of the year, be sensitive and you will have a good Christmas season to position yourself financially for the 2018!

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