#Capricorn 02 / 03 / 2017

#Capricorn 02 / 03 / 2017

#General: There is an electrical quality in your mind on this day that wants to explore new paths to freedom. It may be because you have a communicative block in your world that needs to break free and heal. Maybe the blockade is currently in your heart, preventing you from telling the truth of what you really believe. The influence of the astral configuration of the day will ask you to store these items on the table.

#Love: While you were taking something personally, the person you are interested in may be thinking about their own problems that you still do not know anything about. Being too abrupt is a good way to ruin a relationship before it starts. Try to find out why he acts how he does it.

#Profession: Continue with the tasks that are already underway. This is not the best time to start something new. Your confidence is great, and emotionally you feel good, but in general your criteria is not very solid. Do not make big movements at this time.

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