#Capricorn 14 / 02 / 2017

#Capricorn 14 / 02 / 2017

#General: Sometimes you get lost in your own dream world. It is easy for you to ignore practical issues. Today do not forget to pay attention to material issues. Clean your house, take out the garbage and wash your clothes. And do not forget to examine your budget. During the last weeks you have not had enough concentration on the money. Try to avoid spending others. So you will not incur debts.

#Love: You've been complicating your life too long. It is time for your partner to become more involved in this relationship, because your resentment is growing. It would be a good idea to express this today, since the position of the planets is favorable to this type of discussion.

#Profession: Today you could be the oracle of others. Someone from your job may need guidance. Maybe a colleague is making a great effort to move forward with a project. At some point, offer to be your mentor. Your advice could do wonders today!

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