#Capricorn 15 / 02 / 2017

#Capricorn 15 / 02 / 2017

#General: Transformations in your career and your position in the world are beginning to have a profound effect on your physical body. Make sure you are not sacrificing yourself to go after tangible pleasures. As you grow and develop your spiritual nature, you will see that most of the pleasures you really seek are within you, and that many of the things you struggle with on a daily basis actually only take you away from the place where you need to be.

#Love: Now you can abandon anything boring. Today is a great day for you to take the initiative! That person object of your affection will receive a pleasant surprise and will be very receptive to your initiatives. By releasing yourself from the past you are opening all the doors.

#Profession: Your emotions are stable and solid, and at the same time you can dream and fantasize. This combination of energies helps you to take advantage of the best of both worlds because it allows you to have creativity and imagination without neglecting practicality.

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admin : My name is Morgana, I am a witch of 40 years, since I was very young I have been called the occult sciences and mystery, although in my family there is no history of it, but in all families there is the weirdo :), in mine It's me.