#Capricorn 16 / 05 / 2017

#General: Today's celestial configuration could bring pressure to perform certain monumental tasks related to the appearance of your home.

#Capricorn 16 / 05 / 2017

#General: The celestial configuration of today could bring pressure to perform certain monumental tasks in relation to the appearance of your house. Maybe you wait for visits and the place is a disaster! Stressing this will not help anyone. Ask your family to help, or, if possible, hire someone to do a thorough cleaning. It's better than losing your temper!

#Love: Today romance is in the stars and that special person may call. Do not wait to stay together. Try to know if there is any way to make this relationship work. That person would not have returned the call if he did not have interest, so he accepts his offer.

#Profession: You are one of those people who plays all your chips to a single number, who always wants everything or nothing. Remember that not everyone sees things in the same way. Be patient with those who prefer to play with caution and bet their chips a little. Both you and they have much to learn from the opposite side.

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