Capricorn horoscope today | 20 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

20 / 08 / 2017

You may feel emotionally exhausted today because you are having other people's problems. Know when to draw a line in the sand. You are in a generous and tolerant mood during this period of time. You easily forgive others for their faults and are ready to overlook the weaknesses of their personalities. Their attitude of tolerance and acceptance makes relationships with others pleasant and positive. You are likely to make donations to charitable organizations and can help other people who are in need. You are giving too freely and indiscriminately so be careful not to waste resources on people who can not be helped.

It is a very busy time of the year, and there is much to be done. So, why does everyone have such a happy mood? And what about all these parties? Your irritation is real and can be justified, but being pompous or impassive really helps? That may be his usual way of relating to others, to his dismay. Try to communicate smoothly today. You will win fans and influence people for the better.

Capricorn today a message that you expect a long time ago from a person you miss a lot will come during the day, it could be from a friend or a family member that you have not seen or who has gone to live in another part of the world.

A co-worker will tell you about a sad situation that is happening, if this happens, keep quiet and just give him all your support, if he needs it, he offers a council that can serve him.

You have the possibility from today to choose what you want for your future, if you are studying this is something very positive, make sure you choose the option well and the path you want to travel.

An invitation to eat can always be a good opportunity to meet someone more intimately, do not reject it, since the other person is very interested in getting connected with you.

The work will be quiet, you just have to be very aware of what you should do.

Daily Meditation: It is better not to offer an excuse than a bad one. - George Washington

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