Capricorn horoscope today | 27 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

27 / 08 / 2017

Capricorn today you need to remain neutral to underline your loyalty to someone. This may be a continuation of what happened some time ago. A bit of eccentricity goes a long way, however, keeping the eccentricity well away from your financial affairs. If you feel suffocated by the conservative attitudes of friends and family, get ready to walk a new path. You are emitting the correct signals, but not receiving the response and affection that you would like. Maybe you are being too demanding. Try a little compassion. You can defend a cause that is very dear to your heart, but do not expect others to go for the ride. This is a day to do what you love on your own.

Your self-discipline is high today, which makes it a great day to get a lot of work done. But reserve some time for your personal relationships, too. A love story can be a source of great self-revelation today. You can also visit your therapist, or a heart-to-heart talk with a good friend. Work and goals are important, but the development of self-awareness is even more important.

Capricorn today a sincere conversation with a friend will raise your spirits. You need that sense of connection that comes from someone who understands and respects the true you. Being yourself is important to any friendship, Capricorn, so who comes to mind when you need a confidant? Reaching that person is your mission. Sharing your experiences with a group you belong to can also provide the company you want. On the contrary, a sense of dissatisfaction may arise if you have been ignoring your social life or spending much of your time in superficial interactions. Focusing on meaningful connections is what it is all about.

Capricorn today you are letting other people get in your way, this is done by accepting the bad words or unconstructive criticism that you do and let them affect you inside.

Do not let this happen, today you should propose to have a positive attitude with yourself and also with the world around you, which means that you will not listen to the negative comments of those people who do not wish you well, ignore what tell

You must believe more in yourself in your work, you have the talent to carry out any task, but you are not believing in your abilities.

A person will tell you a very intimate secret that you must keep without ever telling anyone what you know.

You need to spend time alone with your partner or with the person you are watching, take a trip together or a weekend outing.

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