Capricorn horoscope today | 31 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

31 / 08 / 2017

Capricorn today the current trend may involve learning more about or releasing your expectations in an important love relationship and during the next day or so, the recent adverse connection between Luna and Saturn will continue to bring these issues to the forefront. Regrets or doubts about the way you have handled past difficulties with your partner may annoy you today. Working on old karmic editions and letting go of past assumptions about their relationship is now accentuated. It's a busy time right now, but you still need a lot of rest to deal with what's on your plate. Get a few extra hours of sleep and it will make a big difference.

You have set your sights on a new goal, something bigger and better than anything you have done so far. You have probably already divided things into a series of steps: the milestones you must reach to get where you are going. The only question now is, how far can it go in the next month? Decide on a reasonable goal to achieve in the next four weeks, and then start.

Capricorn today between now and the 8 of September, you will be fascinated by all the mysterious things that Mercury travels through Leo. You will be inspired to look for psychic phenomena, psychological concepts or your inner life. This is an excellent time to talk about your psychic experiences with someone knowledgeable to get ideas about what everything means and how you can develop those gifts if that is what you want to do. Or maybe you are more interested in getting to the source of an emotional problem so that you can finally heal it. Your ability to deepen what you are focused on, including your own psyche, will help you discover the truth.

Capricorn today many times you have been advised to put aside the things of the past, but at this time it is good that you look back a little and realize the mistakes you made, since you are going through them without taking Count the lessons you should learn from each bad situation you have.

A man of money is looking to do a business with you, which will involve a lot of work on your part, since you will have to put your creativity and your talent to carry out the project, do it with confidence, you will achieve it.

You need to start believing in the possibility of loving again, you are leaving aside dreaming and fantasy in love, what is making you a cold person, do not let this happen, since it is not your essence to be like that.

Eat a lot of fiber in the morning, you need it to have a better digestion ..

Daily Meditation: Failure will never reach me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. - Og Mandino

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