Capricorn horoscope today | 10 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Capricorn today

10 / 08 / 2017

You have to make time to expand and develop things that you like. You have been finding excuses to tie yourself to work instead of doing the things you really enjoy. Today is an opportunity to change things. Passionate desires can overwhelm you, so you need to have someone to share with him. Fortune favors the brave, not only financially but in matters of the heart. Be a little more aggressive in your relationships. Your career, reputation and the most important personal goals receive an impulse now, mainly through your own initiative and the will to affirm yourself. You will feel a surge of positive energy to be reckless.

You are deeply in touch with your emotions today, which enriches all your conversations and experiences. Often you tend to ignore feelings in favor of responsibility, rules and logic. But now you are able to let those things on the left of the brain flow enough to focus on the most creative and intuitive side of life. It is a good time to deepen your connections with the people you love, because you are in a loving and demonstrative mood.

Capricorn today is going through a moment of coldness in love, so it will not be strange that you receive some claim on this issue from your partner.

If this happens find a way to regain the passion and love for the beloved, feel cold and move away a little in a long-standing relationship is normal, but you should always try to return to the arms of the loved one with good disposition and with joy to be able to play together again.

Those who are parents will have a very difficult day with their children, it may happen that they go badly evaluated in school or that they make a big mistake in front of their eyes, whatever happens you must set limits and teach them that life has responsibilities that must be fulfilled .

A job message will make you have extra burden of tasks, it is likely that you sleep late today.

Daily meditation: You are never fully dressed without a smile. - Martin Charnin

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